Content: (Music/Social Studies)

Teachers: 3 hours of Instruction Time
Maximum Number of Workshop Participants: 35
Grade Levels: 1-8

Students: 45 – 50 minutes per class
Residency Length: Minimum of 5 days
Maximum Number of Students per Class: 25

This fun and interactive workshop features an introduction and understanding of the evolution of the different styles in jazz music. It traces the roots and origins of jazz, and its eras, from African chants and work songs, to spirituals, blues, swing, and bebop. Learn songs from each era and feel the richness and importance of this vital aspect of American culture and how it has affected us. Create your own timeline of each era. By the end of this session, you will have strategies on how to bring jazz into the classroom, the importance of this American music, the culture and times from which this music occurred, and how this musical genre has affected us.

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