(Developed in association with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts)
National Roster with The Kennedy Center

Content: (Music/Reading-English Language Arts)

Teachers: 3 hours of Instruction Time
Maximum Number of Workshop Participants: 35
Grade Levels: 2-8

Students: 45 – 50 minutes per class
Residency Length: Minimum of 5 days
Maximum Number of Students per Class: 25

This course is also being offered as an asynchronous online course. 1.5-2 hours of online instruction time.

Enhance student learning by using sound and rhythm to explore new paths to help students develop reading comprehension strategies and make connections between music and language. Teachers are guided through a process to help students create a Soundscape – a way to retell the story that connects students to the story’s tone, mood, setting, and the characters’ culture(s). This learning process will help students create sensory images, use questioning strategies, develop inference skills, and determine importance, which helps students develop a better understanding of the text. Students will develop listening skills, build interpretation and oral presentation proficiency, and improve reading fluency. See how music can make full use of these skills through students’ aural, visual, analytical, creative, and social intelligence. Your students will attain a new level of comprehension when they experience seeing, hearing, and feeling through reading!

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