Teaching our students to be global citizens

"Imani is that rare individual who not only excels as a professional musician but also as a teaching artist. She infuses her work with integrity and passion, and is committed to professionalism and high quality artistry, whether on stage, in the classroom, or with educators."

Jeanette McCune

Director in Education Division, School and Community Programs

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Washington, DC

"Imani has the ability to capture the attention and inspire her audience with her calm and caring presence. She adapts her lessons to the educators or students in the room by being an active listener. She creates a safe and respectful environment and through participatory activities, she encourages her participants to learn and share new ideas through music and stories. Imani makes learning memorable."

Amy Gosz

Director of Programming and Community Engagement

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

Appleton, WI

“Guided by her gentle spirit, Imani shares her expertise and artistry with teachers and students alike instilling confidence to explore and celebrate the arts.  I particularly appreciate creating experiences for teachers, students and audiences that celebrate the many levels of Imani's work as a performing artist, educator and teaching artist.  Imani is a powerful jewel to be shared!” 

Candy Schneider

VP of Education and Outreach

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

Las Vegas, NV

“The wonderful vocalist Imani became a natural and intrinsic part of the Odadaa! family, adding powerfully to its artistry, which is not something easy for an American to do in an authentic Ghanaian music ensemble. She seamlessly moves from singing traditional vocals in Ga and other Ghanaian languages, to jazz lead vocals. Imani continues to pass on the rich Ga heritage she learned from Yacub Addy through her work as a teaching artist, reaching students and teachers nationally.”

Amina Addy

Manager & Producer of Odadaa!

Y&A Addy Management

Latham, NY

“Imani came not only as an immeasurable learning experience for the students, but it was also the best professional development I have ever had in my 17 years of teaching music.”

Vince Mottern

Music Educator

Viola Sickles Elementary School

Fairhaven, NJ

“Imani inspires and energizes. Her strategies connect so deeply and authentically. It’s as if students empathy for each other transcend their differences when learning through her effective approaches!

Rae Takemoto

Arts Integration Coach

Maui District Schools

Kahului, Maui

“Imani has a dignity about her when she steps on stage, along with professionalism and a humility that makes her a pleasure to work with. Personally, she’s a big sister to each and everyone on and off stage; and she talks truth... Everyone loves Imani.”

Wynton Marsalis

Executive and Artistic Director

Jazz at Lincoln Center (JLCO)

New York, NY

"Having Imani come to our community and work with our teachers and students was truly a gift. Through her amazing voice - and then our own - we were able to experience music as a powerful text for understanding human experience and story. Her approach to learning through sound and song is thoughtfully scaffolded and emotionally connected, giving learners an accessible entry point to take risks, create and engage with one another. It was an unforgettable, impactful experience!"

Amy Rautiainen

Artful Teaching Coordinator

Juneau, Alaska