Imani has crystallized a world of richness into a book that serves as a door through which young people (and not so young people) can discover the aliveness, the heart, of very different cultures. She tells irresistible stories and gives us authentic songs of the Yoruba, Ga and Shona cultures (from Cuba, Ghana and Zimbabwe) to bring young people into a journey of imaginative engagement. Iyipo Ay teaches respect for all cultures and traditions even the many cultures living, often misunderstood, under the same school roof. Teachers, parents and grandparents, librarians and educators will love using this teaching tool, whose charm is so great that children will want to use this book over and over on their own.


Sounds of rhythms, phrasings and chants play an integral part in this universe. Its sweetness brings us closer into knowledge, truth, love, and self. The songs shared on this CD, convey how tradition reflects spirit and music in everything from the beginning of time and throughout the lives of its people. It is through these songs that we come to fully understand and accept the meaning of our existence in this life.

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