Friday, August 07, 2020
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Celebration   1993 World Music Ensemble   Mapleshade Productions
Of Ancient Wisdom   1994 Jeff Order   Order Records
Goree   1996 Djimo Kouyate   Kouyate Productions
Collage   1997 Imani & First Prayer   IFP Records
Children of the Ancients   1998 ODADAA   Aku Records
Between Here & There   2000 Imani   IFP Records
The Exchange   2001 Antonio Parker   Interchange Records
Unity Y2K   2003 Byron Morris   By-Mor Music
A Jazz Mass   2005 W.E.S. Group   2 Productions 2 Jazz
Congo Square   2007 Wynton Marsalis   Jazz at Lincoln Center
Calling You   2009 Imani   IFP Records
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