Friday, August 07, 2020
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-Promote Unity in Diversity

-Educate Wholistically – Educare

Promote Unity in Diversity

I have always had strong feelings about understanding people from around the world. Through this understanding I have come to better realize who I am as a person and know that there is only one language and it is the language of the heart ‘love.’ We have to educate ourselves and students to the many different traditions and lifestyles that make up this wonderful world. In this, we begin to recognize that though there may be differences in physical appearance, beliefs and lifestyles around the world, the goal of humanity is the same, "to live a good and just life."

Photos by by Geri Kodey

Educate Wholistically – Educare

Real education is that which fosters virtues, morality, truth, compassion, discipline and duty. It is not enough to be merely intelligent. We must confer wisdom that flows from the heart as well -- that is educare, "broadening the heart." We are to prepare our students to be productive members of society so that they will be able "to live a good and just life."

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