Friday, August 07, 2020
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About Global Voices

Welcome to Global Voices!

Global Voices offers fascinating, informative and exciting workshops, residencies, arts coaching and performances. These are all led by artist educator, author and professional vocalist, Imani Gonzalez.

Global Voices uses sound and rhythm to support the Language Arts curriculum. It gives scaffolding strategies that teachers can use to help build and deepen reading comprehension. Global Voices also uses traditional native and world music to support the Social Studies, World History, Geography and Language Arts curriculum, as a tool to understanding the rich diversity of cultures through stories, legends, rhythmic patterns, salutations, facts and traditional manners. This increases studentsí global perspective, creating unity and respect for others.

We travel through the cultures of India; SeneGambia region of West Africa; Brazil; the Yoruba people of Cuba; Ga people of Ghana, West Africa; Shona people of Zimbabwe, South Africa; and such Native American Nations as the Seminole, Cherokee, Hopi, Crow, Iroquois and more.

Global Voices uses music as a tool to educate and stimulate a studentsí mind in a way that makes learning fun and creates a wonderful atmosphere for it all to happen.
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